October 2010 - Siskstrom



Hello our dear Church family from Romania.  From Romania!  Wow how amazing does that sound.  As we write, we are celebrating our 1 month anniversary in our new country and what a full month it has been. 

Our month has been split between the two communities our missionary team serves in, Dragonesti, and Momaia.  We were blessed by the welcome we received and the opportunity to just be still for a few days and walk the streets of our new home.  We have met some amazing people over here, and have been really encouraged by the passion the church has for seeing God’s Kingdom.  But the task is enormous as we have already seen.  This would be our first prayer request.  The work is there, ready for people to join, and it is tempting to just get in and forgo the foundation of years of ministry in language and culture acquisition.  So pray that we will support, and participate, how we are able but still focus on learning the language and culture.

Praise God we found an apartment to move into the start of October.  It is the home of some retiring missionaries  so much of their furniture and appliances will be left for us.  This is an enormous answer to prayer.  In Romania it is common when you move to take everything with you, kitchen cupboards, sinks, drawers, everything.  So this is an answer to prayer.  So please pray that we will be able to “nest” in our new home in the city of Craiova.  We have been living out of suitcases for 2 months now and ready to set down some roots.

A huge praise has been how amazing Rachel is doing.  She has been so great with all the traveling, meeting new people, and new foods, it has really encouraged us.  She gets right in there playing with other kids wherever we are. 

So please continue to be in prayer, we need it.  Many days we are overwhelmed at the task before us.  It requires us to constantly focus on God, any time we turn away we start to sink.  But we are encouraged, as the Vision team is currently here to know that it is not just the Sikstrom’s God has called to Romania, but you as supporting churches have also been called to be a part of what God is doing here in Romania.  We are so grateful for that.

Many blessing from your partners in Romania,

Kory, Erin and Rachel Sikstrom


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