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Second Choir for Disadvantaged Kids in Bolivia:   For many of the little children who fill the McCaig home in Santa Cruz, Bolivia their participation in Cantaremos Music Program is their only real chance to express their musical talents in a safe, affirming Christ-centered environment.  Jackie has divided the children into two age-based groups this year due to high demand.  There is room for another teacher to join Jackie in this ministry.


Invitation for Construction Team :  In the jungle of Bolivia where the rainy season has to be respected because of its incredible power, the invitation has come to help build dual-purpose buildings:  compassion ministry space and spiritual local-church space.  Jake & Marg Hoogland will host you as your group works hard, side-by-side, with the local believers to see these buildings get completed.  We are planning now for the 2011 construction so consider what your church might do as a group to serve existing, effective ministries who simply need a building.  Contact me for more details. 


El Candelero Coffee House starts Second Location:  Every city and local culture is different so what works in one place may not work in your city in Canada.  In Tarija, Bolivia the model of a drop-in coffee house that sells good but inexpensive food, is non-alcoholic and is a wholesome Christian atmosphere works!  The present location sees between 300 to 400 people show up every night!  Merle Hogman is  finishing off the final details so that the second location can open which will focus on the 30 year old demographic.


Low German Bible School:  Our new multi-purpose building, “The Bridge” Ministry Centre, under the direction of Rudy & Erna Friesen, was put to full use in June as the two-week Low German Bible School became the first event to use the ministry tool.   We served an average of 220 meals most nights with the final night’s attendance around 500.  In total 2500 meals in 10 days.  Our kitchen is well broken in!  Who were these people?  Mennonites who came to get some serious bible study in their journey of faith.  Some travelling for many hours over horrible roads and risking excommunication if the elders in the colony find out they went to listen to spiritual teaching straight from the Bible and not from their local preacher. 


Mennonite Reality in Bolivia:  According to most who are directly involved in Bolivia with the Mennonite people there is a revival beginning!  There is more openness to the gospel now then every before.  People  are meeting as small churches of up to 70 people in hidden-away corners of their farms.  The Radio Ministry has played an instrumental role in opening the doors.  Now we need Bible Study Teachers to walk the dusty roads to begin to lead the new believers to maturity in Christ.  The needs are great but the opportunities are even bigger! 


Radio Ministry Advances:  It is exciting to see the radio ministry in Bolivia solidify its main support structure and continue to expand the numbers of towers broadcasting into new areas.  Tower #4 is projected for completion soon and the funding is committed for Tower #5.  In the city of Santa Cruz the new Main Office and Broadcast and Recording Studies is into Phase Two of construction.  We look forward to the day when all staff will have adequate space to do their ministry with efficiency.  


Well Drilling and the Spiritual:  Danny and Warren and their staff  continue to head to very remote locations to bring the gift of clean water but do so with the insistence that the gospel get to these communities just as effectively.  We have established the church ministry side of this ministry, called Quechua Mink’a Church Partnership, which focuses on partnership spiritual ministry.  The intent is to help with church buildings, help with the training of Sunday School Teachers and the resourcing of Christian material.  Take note of this new account for the spiritual support side of the water ministry:  Bolivia – Quechua Mink’a Church Partnership  #2-5027


The Reason Why we Purchased More Land in Hermosillo:   There is no more room on Sundays!  Greg & Shelli continue to report the crowded services as God continues to bring new hearts to salvation.  We are very close to the financial goals needed to complete the purchase of the extra land and anticipate construction of the 500 seat main gathering room very soon.  More details in the fall.  Why not plan now to take a construction team to Mexico between October and April when the ground is so frozen you cannot even think of getting the tractor out of the shed?  Step up and lead a team!


Translation Project Finished:  When Pastor Elmer Reimer took on the 5 year translation project at the age of 83 some people had questions!!  But, I am thrilled to announce that on June 6th the celebration service was held  to celebrate the end of the five year translation project of ‘Derjch De Biebel’ (Thru The Bible by J Vernon McGee) into Low German.  Elmer Reimer pulled off this 1297 program project in less than five years just before his 88th birthday!  He is on to the translation of follow-up material in Low German for the new believers.


Cuba MEMO Team Oct 26 – Nov 4:  Dr. Jerome Harvey has room for up to six people to join his Partnership Team headed to Cuba to participate in projects related to the Cuba MEMO Project.  If you are interested please get in contact immediately. 


Cuba Partnership Work Team  -  January 16 -31 - Applications Due in September:   Steve will lead the yearly adult work team headed to Cuba to serve in the re-building of the Bible Camp property.  We must make our team member selection in September so that Religious Visas can be applied for in October.   Please email or call to get the information package and application package.  October 15th is cut off for applications!  Think about it today!


Refocus not Retire #2:  This is not a repeat news story but rather a second story.  Helen Blackburn is now in Language School in south Texas as she prepares to serve the little street kids of Tarija, Bolivia.  Yes, she is going full-time and will have to raise some support but the pension checks she receives each month help to cover some living costs.  This is a new wave of God’s servants realizing that they still have huge impact potential.  Recently a man of great success evaluated his life and came to the conclusion that 2/3s of his major contributions were made after the age of 67.  Wow! 


Emails Direct from our Missionaries:  If you have a particular interest in one of the many ministries that I write about here please let me know and give me your email address so that you can receive emails directly from our missionaries as they tell their stories of their lives and the life of the local church.


EFCCM Directory:  Many of you enjoy having a copy of the EFCCM Directory so that you can read the life stories and pray for the missionaries.  Our new, updated copy is ready both in printed form and electronically.  Let me know if you want a copy for your home or for your church group.


Cross-Cultural Servants Needed:  Maybe you are one of the pioneer, self-starter kind of missionary.  Or maybe you want to be part of a team focused on a project already started.  Here are some personnel needs that we have right now that you might be called by God to respond to in a sacrificial manner:

Bolivia             Low German Language.                 Bible Study Teacher.

Bolivia                  Spanish Language.                          Music Teacher.

Nicaragua           Spanish Language.                  Evangelist and Church Planter.

All Locations       English and a little Spanish.           Handyman able to work independently but with a huge servant heart.


Have a great day and remember to look at it from God's perspective,




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