Lee – Aug 2010

Power to Change

Dear Friends


Just want to send a quick note to you as I am getting ready to board the plane to make my move to Langley, BC! Thank you so much for your continual support and I had so much fun meeting with many of you during the summer.


I’ve spent the past two weeks in BC for our annual staff conference and training and it has been a very beneficial one for me. I’m more inspired and excited to share the message of Jesus Christ to those around me! I’m really excited to hear the different ministries within Power to Change to engage people and helping them to change their world by living in a faith adventure.


One exciting story is that we have developed a book called the ‘Soul Cravings- Prequel’. Base on the book ‘Soul Cravings’ by Erwin Mcmanus, it explores the human condition and the fact that we all crave for love, destiny and meaning. On Saturday, I took this book and gave it to my hairdresser to hear what he thinks about the topic. What it was meant to be a 15 minute trim and clean up appointment turned out to be a 45 minute dialogue about his cravings! He promised me that he would finish the book and let me know about this thoughts. Please pray for him and pray that the Spirit would work in his heart as he is reading the book.


So you see, faith adventures doesn’t need to be hard, but just merely talking to people around you, and allow God to work in people’s lives.


I would also appreciate your prayers as I am getting settled in my new home and work. Pray that my learning curve would be ‘bearable’ and pray that I would be able to find a suitable church to go to. Most importantly that I would be relying on the strength of the Spirit as I am assuming my new post.


Thanks so much for your prayers, More updates ahead...