Fehr Sep 2010



Dear Friends at SCCEFC,   



You will be happy to hear we are at 85% of our monthly support needs!  This is due to a strong CDN dollar, new monthly partners and many current partners increasing their support!

We have a goal to get to 90% this month and it is certainly possible with many potential new partners out there.  At 90%, a great deal of questions come to greater importance.  Like, "what do we pack?"  "When should SEND start our visa process?"  and eventually, "when do we purchase our tickets?"  The day is coming soon!



Holy Spirit at Work

The difference a little boldness can make.

This summer, a group of teenagers went to Japan to work with Japanese High School students and organize rallies with a group called hiba (high school born againers).  In one of the schools, a teacher found out her students were being invited to these events and was very unhappy.  She called the police and told them to warn all the other teachers in other schools and then told her students not to go and to never give their name to these people!

One of the students in that class was actively involved in hiba and left the room upset and called her hiba leader.  After prayer and counsel, she walked back and in front of the class, told her teacher how Jesus Christ changed her life since being introduced to this organization.  She asked her teacher for an apology and she got it, in front of the whole class!  Pray that this teacher now responds to the testimony of Jesus as shared by her student.

At the final rally, 75 students showed up and 15 made decisions for Christ.  Praise God for the work he is doing!



Three Girls and a Baby

A quick update on the kids.  Sarah and Rebekah have began thoroughly enjoying riding their bikes up and down the sidewalk.  Sarah just figured out how to ride a two wheeler and Rebekah is on a 12" with training wheels.  Cayley keeps up pretty good in her motorized wheelchair but Rebekah is getting too fast even for her.

Cayley started kindergarten last week!  She is in a public school in a regular classroom and loves it.  She seems to be adjusting very well and making friends quickly.

Isaac is rolling over and threatening to crawl all over us!  He loves his veggies and his favorite times are spent outside watching his sisters play.