Shaun & Sondi Carlaw – Aug 2010




Dear friends,


               Greetings from Budapest!  Our summer has zipped by for us with two English camps in July.  Teen English Camp went really well with 51 teens attending during the two week camp.  It was really neat to have a summer team from Orchard EFC in Chicago with 8 teenagers being on the 12 team member team.  The Chicago team had a really good time with the teens at camp and it was fantastic to see how well all the teens got along at camp.  I think the team from Chicago will have lots of opportunity to keep in touch with the teens here via email or facebook as a lot of good friendships were formed.   Most of the teen campers paid pretty good attention during chapel times and had some good discussion times following in small groups.  We were really excited to see Zsolt make a decision to follow Christ.   This was his 3rd summer of attending teen camp.  Two girls Henrietta and Laura also prayed to accept Christ and Adam who was part of Sondi’s small group also said he is following Christ now.  Please pray for these young people and that they’ll connect well with the youth group at Kelenfold EFC.  It was great to have 5 of the Kelenfold EFC youth group there throughout camp.


You can check out the slide show from the Teen Camp Parent Night at the following link:


You can also read the team blog at the following link:



Camps were a lot of fun to be a part of but we were tired afterwards.  The next week we went on a family holiday down by Lake Balaton in Western Hungary.  Before we went on holiday, we checked out a rental opportunity in the 11th district not too far from where we live.  It has more room than our present place and a nice big yard that the boys will be free to use so we decided we’d move.  We’ll be moving boxes over tomorrow afternoon with the help of some friends and on August 27th a moving truck and crew of 3 will come to move our furniture.  


We’ve enjoyed the place we’ve lived in over the last five years.  There is a little yard here but our downstairs neighbors didn’t want the boys using it.  Kelen and David are looking forward to having a nice big yard and a little extra space for our family will be nice.  We’ll be living in the upstairs of a house again.  Our new landlords are Christians and attend the Budafok Baptist Church.


Our new mailing address is:


Shaun and Sondi Carlaw

1116 Budapest

Nádudvár utca 6/A.



(if the above accent marks do not work on your computer:    Nadudvar utca 6/A)


Kelen starts Kindergarten on September 1st.  Please pray that he’ll do well and enjoy attending. 


We’ll be starting up adult English Clubs from mid September.  We’ll be having a teacher’s orientation on September 10.  We’re looking forward to seeing returning students as well as new students that God will bring our way.


Thanks so much for your prayers!


with Christ’s love,


Shaun, Sondi, Kelen, David and Adam